A story told by many voices

How should we tell the story of repairing the impact resulting from the collapse of the Fundão dam? How can we make the reporting process more accessible to all involved? How can we present each person’s own experience? How can we materialize this moving, laborious story? These were just some of the questions that we asked when we were assigned the mission of preparing our latest activity report.

We decided to portray the current status of the process of recovering the impacts of the collapse of the Fundão dam as realistically as possible. Our approach involved listening carefully and engaging in meaningful dialogue. We also used graphical resources to present some of the complex issues to facilitate understanding. This has been combined with a graphic design inspired by regional icons to create a connection with the reality depicted in this report, providing a more reader-friendly experience and making the messages better understood.

About the Report

Bento Rodrigues, the first place to be affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam by Ricardo Correa

Our information focuses on the activities undertaken by Renova Foundation upon its creation, without delving into the emergency actions taken by Samarco immediately after the dam collapse. The financial data embraces the period of time between the Foundation’s creation on June 30, 2016 and December 31. Our description of the 42 programs to be further presented includes up-to-date information to March 2017, as a number of these programs are still waiting for the initiatives to be determined and approved in the Foundation’s governance system.

This report showcases what we believe in – the truth, hard work, involvement and collective construction. After all, this is not just our story, but belongs to all of those who have played a role in it.

We thank everyone for their contributions.
We hope you find this report interesting and informative.

Roberto Silva Waack
President of Renova Foundation

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