Our story starts with a new beginning. The collapse of Fundão dam, in Mariana, was the event that triggered our existence. Right from start, we were faced with three major challenges: magnitude, urgency and information. There were no parameters, references or answers readily available. This is the reality ahead of Renova Foundation.

We firmly believe that the key to overcoming any challenges lies on one word: togetherness. Dialog is what bundles us in this quest towards collectively building the future. As we gather our efforts, we become stronger. Our ultimate role is to promote union and connection. Aligning past, present and future; People, initiatives and institutions; Skills, aspirations and visions. All converging to a common purpose that drives us and gives meaning to our work. We are certain that out of these connections there will come up solutions that perhaps none imagined possible.

From aspiration to achievement, our journey will involve:

  • Ability to overcome adversity and steer in new directions as needed.
  • Connecting ideas and diverging points, for when faced with complexity, there is seldom only one possible answer.
  • Tentativeness in face of so many possibilities. Being humble enough to learn after the mistakes throughout the journey.

Our word stands as a commitment. Towards ourselves, communities and society. Every verb translates into actions. And every action takes place within the space of time and life.

We are committed to acknowledging, caring for and respecting people and communities. Wherever we are called upon to rebuild and provide infrastructure, we will innovate, develop and preserve. Land and water will each follow their only possible course: that of restoration, production and preservation.

And each step will be taken with respect for diversity, with openness to listen and converse; with transparency to demonstrate integrity in everything we do.

May our mistakes serve as lessons on what to avoid; Our accomplishments, as inspiration for everything else to be done.

done.And may our achievements – which will be shared by all of society – be regarded not as the end, but as the new beginning. Because life is continuity.

A foundation can only be born out of a unifying purpose: a mission to be fulfilled to the best interest of society. And there can be no common purpose without people sharing a common goal. That is why Renova Foundation will always be open to all those who wish to help building our today and our tomorrow. Together.

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